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Preliminary Invalidity Contentions

Various forms of claim charts and reports can be generated using Patdek. These charts and reports are used in support of your invalidity contentions. For example, the system provides a standard two-column chart (example invalidity claim chart) showing the claim limitation in one column and the prior art information in an adjacent column. Options for claim charts include a blank claim chart, a claim chart with either a portrait or landscape orientation, as well as a claim chart with text and citations or citations only (no prior art text). Another type of chart shows concepts in one column and additional columns for each prior art reference, with a checkmark indicating that a reference discloses a concept.

Other reports provide: section 102/103 reference lists for selected claims; a table that identifies all prior art references for a case identifying the pertinent information for each reference; and a heat map showing the frequency of each concept relevant to a patent or group of claims. 

The system allows you to generate invalidity charts by selecting the claims to be included in the chart and the target references to be applied against the claims. The software does the rest - providing you with a two-column invalidity chart in Microsoft Word, mapping the target references to each claim on a limitation-by-limitation basis.

The combined reporting features allow you to output invalidity contentions as well as review the analysis progress to identify possible gaps in the prior art.