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Patent Claim Chart

To begin setting up the database for your patent project, the system automatically imports data about the target patent. Using an automated script, the system retrieves claim data for the indicated U.S. Patent. The system simultaneously retrieves a PDF of the target patent and stores the PDF in the database. As shown below (left), the popup form field is used to automatically retrieve the relevant patent claim data. A blank patent claim chart can be automatically generated after the patent has been imported into the system. After import (right), claim data can be edited if necessary. 

Claim limitations for the target patent, claim dependency meta data, and the corresponding PDF of the target patent are all imported automatically into the system database. Alternatively, this data can be added manually or further edited.

Claim limitations can be edited and dependent claim data can be changed. For example, a patent involved in reexamination may require claim language changes to reflect the current claim limitations and dependency.

The system allows you to manage the automatically imported patent claims and alter the claim data as well. The default configuration of the patent import process retrieves the claim data from Google Patents for immediate availability for your case. Once a patent has been imported, blank claim charts can be generated in Word format with a single click. The entire process is further explained here.