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PTAB Trials


How current are PTAB proceedings on Patdek?

The USPTO Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) maintains a repository of post-grant trial proceedings that is updated throughout the day. We strive to maintain a mirrored relationship between the proceedings available on Patdek and those same proceedings available from the USPTO. Generally, we are current to within 24 hours after the data is made available at the USPTO.


What can I search?

Every single proceeding document, including PTAB decisions, is searchable using Patdek. This is not likely the case with any other service involving PTAB trials, as far as we can tell.


When you say that every proceeding document is searchable, what do you mean?

Through our ingestion process, we have learned that a fair number of PTAB trial documents are not text-searchable. The PDF documents consist of scanned images only. Overall, a bit more than 30% of the PTAB trial documents are not text-searchable. For the Patdek service, these documents are made text-searchable using optical character recognition (OCR) tools during ingestion.  We are not aware of any other service that utilizes OCR during the ingestion of PTAB proceeding documents.


How many PTAB trial documents do you have in your collection?

We have every publicly accessible PTAB trial document that is available from the USPTO.  Current documents are 2M+ and counting.


What makes Patdek different from other websites that have PTAB trial data?

There are a number of fine websites that make PTAB trial documents available. Depending on your needs, we may or may not be superior to a service you already use. One major difference is that every PTAB trial document can be located in your search because we apply OCR to non-text-searchable PDFs. A second difference is that you can add any PTAB decision or other document to your Patdek Drive. If you like an institution decision or a particular IPR Petition, just add it to your Patdek Drive. No need to download it. You can instantly share any document, or a list of documents, without downloading. Third, you can share a specific part of a document with anyone. Take a quick snippet of an important part of a PTAB decision and just share that. Fourth, we are optimized for speed. We strive to provide a response to your query as fast as possible, because sometimes you need that answer on the phone in real-time. We understand that, so we measure system response time in fractions of a second.