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one search box for:

  • PTAB Trials
  • Patents & Published Applications
  • File Histories
  • PTAB Appeals
  • IFW Petition Decisions
  • Federal Circuit Decisions


    Basically every PTO document and anything you upload. All text-searchable. No one does this in one search box - all linked. Not even the PTO.

    Learn more about document types.





    link through email

    Your job isn't just to "find" documents. Share ideas by annotating, highlighting and commenting in the document, as well as grouping snippets from different documents together. Or just share the snippets.

    anchored snippets for anything

    Show what the answer is using markups for a document that include snippets, highlights and notes. Unlike a typical highlight or snippet, an anchored snippet is individually shareable and points back to the page it's from.


    Share documents and annotations with other Patdek users or by using a link.