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For Businesses


Are you the type of person that just wants an answer to your patent question? Your lawyer wants to give you that answer too, but typically lacks the tools to quickly deliver the answer.

Patdek helps you and your lawyer organize and communicate about patent-related documents. We help you understand and discover information about the patents you're interested in. And also talk about issues - effectively. So you can have a better understanding about the patent issues you face.

As a business owner, you are the subject matter expert in your technology niche. Your expertise, along with experienced legal counsel, will address patent issues as they arise. Patdek levels the playing field between patent assertion entities and targets like you. 

Patdek includes many of the key documents that you’re looking for and asking about. You can even add other documents relevant to your patent issues. And after you've located the patent documents you're interested in, we help you integrate your expertise into the dispute process and legal strategy. You can explain how you understand the technology using highlights and notes. Saving time when you talk to your lawyer. And keeping records of those discussions before your next meeting with your colleagues.

Patdek helps you and your lawyer focus on the issues. Not "where on the page are you reading from?" Because you have a lot to get done today. The interface steps out of your way so you focus on the important insights. And all of the information is text searchable, because we OCR at no additional cost. 

Get access now.  Insist that your lawyer use Patdek too.