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Amending Contentions

Many jurisdictions require invalidity contentions to be provided at the initial stages of a litigation. This involves providing the plaintiff with a list of prior art references and assertions. The assertions describe how the prior art renders each asserted claim anticipated or obvious. Patdek organizes your contention information for you to solve this problem. The system manages your contention information to provide lists of anticipating references, reference combinations that render each claim invalid, and prior art claim charts for these invalidity contentions. Typically these contentions can only be amended after the due date by showing "good cause" for the proposed amendments. It is imperative to organize all your information early and identify all possible invalidity contentions and obvious-based allegations to minimize the possibility of having to later amend your contentions.

At a basic level, the system allows you to generate invalidity contentions using information entered into the system by your case team. This information is shared and available to to the entire team using a cloud-based environment that is under your complete control. Any changes made to your analysis are propagated into your contentions in real-time. You no longer have to verify that a last-minute change for a prior art reference is reflected in each invalidity chart. This minimizes the possibility that you omit a particular contention and will need to amend your contentions later.