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Invalidity Contentions

To mount a purposeful invalidity defense at the initial stages of a litigation, a defendant or defendant group is usually required to provide the patent owner with a list of references that render each asserted claim anticipated or obvious as part of its invalidity contentions. Patdek solves this problem for you. The system automatically creates a list of anticipating references, a list of reference combinations that render each claim invalid, and a set of prior art claim charts supporting your invalidity contentions, based on the information entered into the system about the prior art.

invalidity contention list

prior art list

The system allows you to generate invalidity contentions, including invalidity charts, a complete list of prior art references, motivation to combine citations, and for each claim, 35 U.S.C. section 102 and 103 prior art reference lists, using information entered into the system by your case team. This information is shared and available to to the entire team using a web-based, collaboration environment that is under your complete control. Any changes made to the underlying analysis is immediately propagated into your contentions. You no longer have to make sure a last-minute change for a prior art reference is reflected in each invalidity chart.