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Content and tools


Patdek provides a platform that includes content from the PTO that you use on a daily basis. File Histories available in PAIR, PTAB decisions (Trial and Appeal), Patents, Published Patent Applications, and petition decisions by the Office of Patent Legal Administration (OPLA) at the PTO. And you can supply your own content too via upload.



Patdek also provides a platform to manipulate your content and PTO content. Now the content is actionable to make it more understandable by you, your clients, other lawyers, and your colleagues. Use markup tools to amplify ideas ordinarily trapped in PDFs. Markup includes highlights, snippets of text and images. Even extract citation information. Then share markups embedded within the PDF document, or just share the PDF as content.


Combining Content with Tools

Patdek solves the chicken and egg problem. Tools need content. There's lots of PDF content involving patents. Content though, particularly PDFs, need tools. So why not combine the PDF content you typically use with tools that help make that content actionable? That's what Patdek does for you. To help you find the content you need to answer questions. Then markup that content to isolate information for those questions. Finally share discrete segments of a PDF document to the people that you communicate with. Because we all address problems in different ways. And a lot of time, those answers are buried in PDFs. You need both content and tools to provide those answers.