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About Us

We believe in the open communication of ideas by and among people.

With respect to patents, there is a better way to address and resolve patent issues. Bad patents must be marginalized. Tools will navigate and manage this complex patent landscape.

Today, patent information is scattered and difficult-to-search. Even if you find what you want, the next step is just an inefficient knowledge sharing process. There is no easy way to collaborate. Ideas are instantly disconnected from the patent documents under consideration.

Patdek reimagines this process.

First, we curate vastly different types of PTO documents.

We target six sets of PTO documents. Most never previously searchable. These are the type of documents referenced in patent disputes. The Patdek library will include over 250TB of information (three billion pages) organized just for you. Accessible in fractions of a second (under 300 milliseconds to be precise). All easily searchable through one simple interface.

Second, we recognize you may need other documents not ingested by Patdek. So just upload and store any other necessary documents to your private collection. Who else does that for you? PTO and user-uploaded documents should be instantly available to you using the same search interface. We agree.

Third, we believe that search is only the first step in your typical workflow. You should be able to share not only a document, but any insights and analysis with others. Insights and analysis must remain with the document, not the person. Sharing cannot be constrained by email or download options. Why send a copy when you can grant secure access? We designed tools for all of this.

Patdek brings all of these elements together in one platform. Clients and patent professionals want to focus on patent issues -- not gathering, processing, and maintaining basic content.