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Joint Defendants

For multiple defendant cases, Patdek allows simultaneous access to a case by attorneys from multiple law firms as well as in-house counsel. The platform provides instant access to the analysis, invalidity contentions, and the prior art references, all through a web-based platform.

From the Administration screen, a designated case leader manages a case. The Administration screen provides case options including: user access, activating target patents, and changes to the prior art review template.

One advantage PatDek provides to joint defendants is a consistent analysis and reporting design. In addition, all prior art analysis remains in the system, with all prior art from any source commingled together. Without PatDek, joint defendants merely have static charts exchanged among the joint defense group members. The exchanged charts merely contain a macro level understanding of a reference for each claim limitation. Because PatDek provides a more refined look at the elements of each claim limitation, a deeper understanding can be shared with all joint defendants.

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