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For Lawyers


Generalized buckets of patent legal services.

If you're a lawyer that needs quick access to patent documents, to answer a client's questions immediately, then Patdek is for you. Fast access - anywhere - to patents, file histories, PTABs, prior art. Need to discuss those documents with your clients? Patdek can help.

Let's take a step back. Why are we creating a product like Patdek? For perspective, consider that legal services have been generally described as falling into “four buckets.” Content, Process, Advocacy, and Counseling. So when providing legal services there's data (content); organizing the data (process); proving something based on the data (advocacy); and explaining what aspects of the data are important (counseling).

Legal services involving patents are no different. The data is just a different set of documents. A really big, diverse, scattered set of documents. Patdek takes care of the Content bucket for you. We collect the key documents that you’re likely to need.

You can even add other documents into that Content bucket.

For the Process bucket, Patdek helps you organize all of your patent content using tags. And we OCR the content too. So you can locate items quicker. Patdek leads you through the relationships between different patent content. And we help you analyze the patent content. Now you have an assistant to help you assess the patent issues better.

And that's where most other data providers stop. Well, if they even went that far to begin with. But patent content, unconnected to a client, issue, or analysis, is just content. So we went further to position the patent content alongside the Advocacy and Counseling buckets. There’s an interface to directly counsel clients and share your insights about key documents. You can explain your ideas using annotation tools, saving those insights for later reflection or updates. Everything sits within the Patdek platform. Patdek even enables you to extract excerpts from any document to include in your legal memos and briefs.

Patdek is designed to help you focus your efforts on Advocacy and Counseling. Because that’s what you’re good at. That’s what the client needs. And we put it together in a spartan interface so the focus remains on your clients, and addressing their issues. 

Get access now.  Your clients will thank you with more projects.