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IFW Petition Decisions


What does IFW stand for?

IFW refers to an Image File Wrapper.


How current is the set of IFW Petition Decisions on Patdek?

The Petition Decisions are actually a one-time bulk data set made available by the PTO.  Google first obtained the majority of this data set (Google IFW bulk data) from the PTO.  The data set ultimately increased in size by another 50% and is also hosted at (ReedTech IFW bulk data). The decisions span the years 2001 through 2012.


Doesn’t Google Books also allow me to search the Petition Decisions?

Yes. Sort of. You can search individual “books” at Google. There are hundreds of petition decision books. In total there are 727 “books” each comprised of approximately 1,000 pages.  The decisions are not divided into separate decisions in these books (example of USPTO Image File Wrapper Petition Decisions 0074). We curated this content through a manual process, dividing each book into separate decisions. Then we used OCR to render each separate document text-searchable.


What can I search?

Every Petition Decision made available at Google and Reed Tech is searchable using Patdek.


How many Petition Decisions do you have in your collection?

We have every publicly accessible Petition Decision made available by the USPTO that has been hosted for distribution by Google and Reed Tech. There are 725,000+ pages yielding approaching 50,000+ documents.