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About Kevin Wallen

Kevin is Director of Marketing for Patdek Software. His responsibilities include audience development, communications and sales strategy. 

He originally set out on a traditional career path at a Big 4 accounting firm. After three uninspiring years bound to a cubicle it became clear this would not become his life’s work. Escape was found through the relatively new field of online marketing and his passion was ignited for connecting extraordinary people with extraordinary new products. 

Since those humble beginnings 15 years ago, he has helped several SMBs with SEO, SEM, CRO, SMM and numerous other acronyms that no one in their right mind would willingly admit. 

Over his career, he has connected tens of thousands of satisfied customers with data-rich information products to help them achieve their personal and professional goals. 

Today, when not touting the benefits of integrated SaaS solutions, Kevin also enjoys reading, jogging and sharing dried fruits with his toddler son.