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About Charles Pinnix

Charlie is the Lead Designer for Patdek Software. His responsibilities include all aspects of design and integration for the site, including communications. 

After graduating from the University of Maryland in 2011 with a degree in Graphic Design, he continued to stretch his passion for software development projects. Leaning on his constant frustration with difficult-to-understand interfaces, he began his professional career as a Front End Developer and Designer at Arcode. He has now moved on to Kalibri Labs, LLC.

In 2013 Patdek coaxed him into working on a "short term" project that desperately needed some designer assistance. Of course that project still continues today. "Launch now and break things" continues to echo through the halls. 

Along with his streamlined life fueled by Soylent, he captures glimpses of the world around us through photography, focusing on inquisitive aspects of architecture.