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Some other thoughts on technology enhancements to the practice of law

Lithosphere is not alone in talking about applying technology to improve legal processes.  From the blog below, there's even a class at Georgetown Law School called "Technology, Innovation and Law Practice."  The blog observes that:

The technology is available now to improve some of the functions that lawyers typically perform.


from 3 Geeks and a Law Blog: The Next Generation of Computers Practicing Law.  Niki Black of MyCase also explains that

I truly believe that over the next few years, lawyers who embrace and utilize technology effectively–in particular Internet-based and mobile tools–will undoubtedly have an edge over their less tech-savvy colleagues.

from MyCaseInc blog:  Can you automate the practice of law?

Our belief is that by replacing a typical patent lawyer function (manually organizing/analyzing patent claims and prior art in a folder structure) with new technology-based tools (database environment providing an edge over standard patent claim chart analysis), a lawyer can have a better grasp on the analysis.  A deeper understanding of the more subtle issues can then be achieved.

We focus on developing tools that enhance the understanding of the boundaries of patent protection.  The tools can be applied to infringement and invalidity analysis, but the underlying principles are the same - what is the proper scope of the claims.  If the claims are too broad based on the prior art, then a challenge can be made.  Does the claim scope really reach an accused product or service?  All of this is shaped by the prosecution history of the patent, prior art considered during prosecution, any stated reasons for allowance, and prior art not considered during prosecution.  This is a lot of information to track, process and understand.

Give us a call and see how we can help you in your practice.


Andy Swan - The best reason to start a business (or Prototype, Pivot, Platform)

This sums up why we formed Lithosphere in the first place - to build out PatDek:

There are tons of reasons to start a new business.

Want to know the best one?  Here it is:

“Because I want to be its first customer”

via Andy Swan • The best reason to start a business (or Prototype, Pivot, Platform).

Since 2002 we looked for a solution to better understand technology innovations to map them to patents.  We couldn't find anything close to suit our needs.  We decided to "roll" our own solution to tackle these problems and became PatDek's first users.  Now we're sharing it with you.