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Get PTAB decisions

Why has it taken Patdek so long to launch? That's the question I get asked, probably more than any other. We know we have one shot to get it right for each of our customers. You'll give us a try and we need to deliver on that opportunity. We'll get there soon, and hopefully, you'll tell us it was worth the wait.

Until then, think about this exchange from the movie Wallstreet. I think about it all the time because that's the way I see every interaction with any potential customer. Lawyers as customers consider many different vendors, talk to a few, but typically choose one provider for a specific need.

Ollie comes back in, as excited as he ever will get under his rolls of flesh, his voice deadpan.

OLLIE: ... just got 250,000 shares at 181/4 from Janson, think I'll pull twice that at 18 1/2 outta the California pensions. We got close  to half a million shares in the bag.
GEKKO: Hey, the Terminator! Blow 'em away Ollie.
OLLIE: And, I'm pretty sure we got the Beezer Brothers out of Tulsa coming in with us and I'm working on the Silverberg boys in Canada.
GEKKO: Rip their throats out and put them in your garbage compactor.

(to Bud)

Interesting. You got a card?
Buddy thrusts a card into his hands. Gekko glances at it.
BUD: My home number's on the back...


(smiles, looks at card)

Bud Fox, I look at a hundred ideas a day. I choose one.

IMSDb - Wallstreet Script (1987)