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Macrosolve settles patent lawsuits

If you're interested in looking at the reexamination request of the Macrosolve patent (7,822,816), you can find the reexamination history and documents below.

In April 2013, a reexamination request (Control No. 90/012829) was filed against the Macrosolve patent.  Less than three weeks later, the PTO ordered reexamination of the Macrosolve '816 patent. That request included a presentation (OTH-A) outlining one particular prior art reference, the Benigno PCT (WO 99/33390).  On September 13, 2013, the PTO issued a non-final Office Action rejecting all claims (claims 1-14). About six months after the first office action, a Final Office Action issued maintaining the rejections of all claims.

If these patent documents make you dizzy, you can instead read more about how the Macrosolve case settled from Newegg, one of the companies sued by Macrosolve in the Eastern District of Texas.

Techdirt also had some comments about Macrosolve's litigation tactics.