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Marriage of content and tools

Patdek revolves around the idea of providing access to documents that you use on a daily basis. Documents from the PTO like file histories from PAIR, PTAB trial decisions, PTAB appeal decisions, patents and published patent applications. So you don't have to hunt them down to answer questions.

The goal is to make documents actually usable and more understandable by you, your clients, other lawyers, and your colleagues. Markup the documents with highlights, make snippets of what's important, and extract pin cites from these documents. Ultimately to share what you're thinking.

Patdek directly addresses the problem of how to provide answers. You need tools to share your answers. But you also need ready-access to information to provide those answers. So why not just combine the information you typically need with tools that help make that information useful? That's what we're striving for. To get you fast access to the stuff you need so you can share it quickly with an explanation of why it matters. Because everyone solves problems in different ways. And we can help provide what you need, when you need it, in a way that you can explain why it's important.

Take a look at how it works. The video is less than one minute.

Give it a try and sign up right now to see how this works for PTAB Trials.