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A New Face at Patdek

Patdek continues to grow. Real progress is being made daily as search tools are finessed and volumes of documents are OCRed and added to the archive. The Patdek team is working hard behind the scenes to optimize all the features before launch.  But there are other changes as well.

I am new to the Patdek team. I have only been involved a few weeks and I still feel like I am learning what Patdek truly is. It has been a busy time for me. My role at Patdek is not as a computer programmer or designer. (The Patdek crew is already more than covered in those areas.)  I am not a patent attorney or computer whiz.  My job is about balance.  I am here to help tell the story of Patdek--not only what the product is about, but also how it will impact so many different people.  

I was not looking for a job when one of Patdek’s founders, Jay Guiliano, emailed me about a “strange opportunity.” In fact, I was already feeling pretty busy with my three kids, all boys. But who can resist such an offer? I have known Jay for years. He is a close friend and former colleague of my husband’s. And I knew Jay was secretly working away on a new project, a startup, but I didn’t know the details. Our first conversation left me feeling a bit overwhelmed. What could I contribute to the team? I am not an attorney and not a software engineer. And what is Patdek really going to be? What sets it apart from all the other legal software programs already available?  

I set out to learn all I could. I am still learning. There is so much for me to learn not just about what sets Patdek apart, but also about the day to day work involved in patent law.  A few things jumped out at me right away as I began my research.

  1. Patent documents can be really long and difficult to find.
  2. Compiling information is only the beginning--the real work is in the analysis.
  3. Everyone works within a team of some kind.

Even without being fully operational, I can see the value of a platform like Patdek. Patdek is all about efficiency, speed, and collaboration. Its ability to search many different kinds of documents in a single search interface is an enormous time saver. I’m told related documents will be presented in a timeline to make it easier to visualize sequence. Then Patdek has tools built in for annotating, highlighting, and making snippets of the most pertinent information within the documents found. All of this can be easily shared between teams--within firms or between firms and clients. Everyone wins when attorneys are able to work more efficiently and Patdek might just be the key. Soon it will be available to everyone.

Contact me if you’d like to try it now. I’ll do my best to get you started.