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Now 250TB to Simplify Your Workflow

Focus on delivering answers to clients and colleagues. The Patdek tools-based platform frames all patent data for you to deliver immediate and effective answers. The equivalent storage of 2000+ top-tier iPads or 200+ top-tier laptops at your fingertips.


File Histories - Key Docs Surfaced

Accelerate your analysis and anchor your discussions. Use text-searchable file histories with key documents highlighted to learn what the claims mean. 


OPLA Petition Decisions - PTO Rulings

Frame prosecution issues and explore how the PTO views an issue by reviewing prior decisions. Nearly 100,000 PTO Petition decisions from the last decade.


Patent Publications - Prior Art Ideas

Understand and tag results for quick recall. To round out the landscape. Linked for context. Browse related patent applications for deeper insights.

PTAB Appeals - Prosecution Strategies

Frame your arguments using precedential and non-precedential opinions. Text-searchable and linked with other data sets, including PAIR file histories.


Patents - Now in Context

See the patent landscape in a timeline leading up to issuance of the patent, because context is important. The claims, specification and figures. You need to consider them. Alongside other documents. 

PTAB Trials - Surfacing Attacks

Surface post-grant challenges to study a patent and frame prior art. Of course, IPRs and CBMs offer more than just prior art. Looking for decisions by PTAB judges? Those can be surfaced too.