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Patent File Histories

A file history is the formal record of the progression through the PTO of a patent application, leading to the issuance of a patent. File histories can contain hundreds to thousands of pages. 

The PTO provides access to a growing number of file histories through its Patent Application Information Retrieval (PAIR) portal. File histories retrieved via PAIR are not text-searchable. Patdek uses OCR to make any retrieved file history text-searchable. A file history can be a good source of prior art information. People consult file histories to understand why a patent's claims were allowed over certain prior art leading to the issuance of the patent. 

Patdek sorts and arranges a file history for you, surfacing the most important documents you should consider. All file history documents are available, of course, but we show you what you should look at first, so you don't suffer from information overload.  Below is what you get from PAIR.  Patdek makes it simpler for you.