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Change how you access and use patent documents. 

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14 Terabytes of data.

Patdek was designed to provide you with the content and tools necessary to deliver amazing results. That requires no less than the largest all-OCR database of USPTO documents we've ever seen. 

A single search box delivers instant access to over 100 million pages of the data you need, including PTAB Trials, PTAB Appeals, OPLA Petition decisions and more. 

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Powerful tools to make you more effective. 

Being able to find information is great, but that only gets you so far if you're unable to do anything with it. So we built a custom suite of tools around the specific needs of patent lawyers. Now you can highlight text and add notes & snippets directly in any document you find in the archive. 

If you need something that's not already in the archive you can upload any of your own docs to your private account. We'll even OCR them and provide all the same markup features. 




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