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10 reasons PDF documents are downloaded

I was thinking about the tagline of Patdek - find, markup and share any document - and considered how to position this process in a better way for today's lawyer. But then it occurred to me that the process has a hidden value that we don't discuss very often. Not having to download a PDF. Thinking about PDF downloads led to this list of ten reasons why people download PDFs in the first place:

  1. the user wants to retain a copy of the PDF
  2. the user wants to print the PDF
  3. the user wants to group the PDF into a larger collection of PDFs
  4. the user wants to send the PDF to someone
  5. the user wants to annotate the PDF
  6. the user wants to embed the PDF into a website (blog post, website page)
  7. the user wants to search the contents of the PDF
  8. the user wants to put the PDF onto another device (from PC/Mac to mobile phone)
  9. the user wants to convert the PDF to a Microsoft Word document
  10. the user wants a better experience with the PDF beyond the browser (200 page PDF)

For sake of argument, let's presume the user wants access to the information in the PDF. To access and ultimately use the PDF in one of those ten listed ways, the PDF will likely be downloaded. Now turn the premise around - can a user accomplish all or most of the list without downloading the PDF?

Now think about what a lawyer does when handling patent issues, researching PTAB Trial decisions, reviewing a file history, sorting through prior art. The user encounters a a virtual stack of PDFs. Setting aside printing a hard copy or converting to an MS Word document, most of the ten items on the list can be accomplished without downloading the PDF.

That's by design - removing the friction of downloading and organizing an endless stream of PDFs. Sharing, searching, viewing and organizing PDFs. Any of your PDFs can be handled in this way, and Patdek includes nearly twenty million Patent Office PDF documents to get you started.