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Notes from a patdek pitch

These are notes from a three minute introductory pitch of Patdek. You can't cover much in three minutes, so don't try to say too much. I may have introduced too many things. If that garners questions, that works for us because there's nothing introduced that we haven't thought about deeply already. 

I'm posting this for three reasons. It shows what we think, how we think, and it might just help someone else formulate an idea for their own pitch. The section headings were added after the pitch (for this blog post) to help in understanding the flow.

The Pitch

Quick intro to paint a broad picture:

Good to be here - my name is Jay from Patdek. We’re introducing the idea of an Iron Man suit for the patent lawyer - with this Iron Man suit you can lift more, do more, solve more problems quicker, because it’s optimized for the job - the suit is a set of tools to get stuff done

Broad discussion of the data problem:

What’s the problem today? - answers to patent questions are trapped inside 10s of millions of PDF documents at the PTO - and there are at least 6 different types of PTO PDFs scattered far and wide - all containing answers to questions that it’s your job to answer - access to these PDFs is critical to answer a specific question asked by a colleague or client

Broad discussion of the current solutions:

most sites today provide 1 or 2 of these types of PDF documents - if you find a set of PDFs that match what you’re looking for, you download them - that’s the end of the typical service provider interaction

broad discussion of the problem in the context of workflow:

after you download some PDFs, you still need to organize them; then you try and figure out where the answer to your question was in those different downloaded PDFs; you can then draft a memo or summary email, explaining where in those PDFs the answer can be found

why the current solutions are a problem:

you essentially separate the summary of the answer from the pages in the documents containing the answer
then you send off that communication by way of a memo or summary email detailing the specific pages in the different PDFs where the answer can be found

introducing our solution:

so what do we do - we focus on unlocking answers trapped in PDF documents so that the answer can be captured right in the PDF itself - on the very pages that answer the question

explaining how our solution addresses the problem:

Consider how much simpler the process would be if you expose your answer right within any PTO document - any PDF; just make a snippet within the page of the PDF that helps to answer the question, then deliver a collection of specific snippets - basically sending the aggregated answer to your colleague or client - No download, no organizing on your computer, no email, no summary memo, just a communication of the answer to the question you were asked

A quick wrap-up soundbite for emphasis:

That’s Patdek - an Iron Man suit currently infused with 26TB of PTO data, complete with tools for accessing and using that data to answer questions

broad takeaway emphasizing content and tools differentiator:

Think of it as a marriage of the content patent lawyers are looking for, and the tools they need to answer questions for their colleagues and clients - all wrapped up in one website - no download required

clear signal pitch is over: