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2016 to do list

Forget predictions. Ignore resolutions for the "new" year. What do you want to accomplish in 2016 that you didn't previously get to or that you didn't think of trying until recently?

For me it's to be more bold. Just be bold. That's not to say that I've previously played it safe, but more that I appreciated and adopted the concept of hedging. A kind of output where you minimize downside risk, but also cap upside gains. 

Not for 2016. Go big or go home.

See you when the calendar flips. Best not to take the other side of my action if you are one that has some gamble. Let's see how it turns out 365 days from now. 

Good luck to you. Patdek has a great team that will try and move beyond simply just "executing." What do you want to accomplish?