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Insider perspective for lawyers of a startup

I've been listening to this podcast over time by Gimlet Media. The very first of their now many different series of podcasts was titled, very simply, StartUp. What's unusual, without spoiling anything, is that this is a startup story, using podcasts, about a startup that is engaged creating in podcasts.

The story is interesting, simple to listen to, and captivating for different reasons.

Click the logo to the right to jump to the podcast on SoundCloud.

For lawyers, the story has some features that help with perspectives when dealing with small companies; namely, most issues are either really important, or not important at all, to the company.

What's interesting beyond understanding the client, is understanding the idea of communication of the value proposition to potential investors and target audience. To continue the theme of December, this month is more about pointing out things of interest people should consider, rather than just talking about Patdek.

So give it a listen. Turn it off if it doesn't resonate with you.