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Patdek Raps on (Rap) Genius' Door

Get ready for the launch of Patdek. Just don't expect to see a webpage-annotating site like Genius. Instead of "annotating the world," we're going to help people understand the technology wrapped up in the patent systems from around the world. Annotating patent documents to figure out what they really mean. There's probably not a better way to express why this is important beyond leaning on the words of Marc Andreessen:

I often wonder how the Internet would have turned out differently if users had been able to annotate everything – to add new layers of knowledge to all knowledge, on and on, ad infinitum.

(M. Andreessen discussing Andreessen Horowitz investment in Genius)

Ilan Zechory, one of the founders of Genius, explains other concepts being explored by Genius to Techcrunch:

Right now they upload [a file] to some document storage system that’s garbage, and they email around it, but they need to comment on it directly. You have a bunch of people working on the same idea and the need to centralize all that information and conversation in one place where the source document is right there. We can provide a place where anyone can comment on a document, and beyond that there’s notifications built in so the relevant players in the discussion will get alerted when other people add stuff. It’s the perfect tool for internal communication. It doesn’t replace email, but if you have something meaty you need people to read, think about, and give feedback on, we’re the perfect platform.

Genius doesn't really work for actual documents like patents, even though what Zechory describes sounds a lot like some of the issues facing the patent system today. Centralized collaboration using document markup, particularly for patents, is very effective for analysis and discussions. We've been looking at ways to do this since 2001. Today, finally, Patdek enables lawyers and their clients to markup and engage in discussions involving patent documents. Collectively, people can now address and resolve patent disputes, patent prosecution issues, and even understand technology/products related to patents.  

We've also mapped out ways to leverage markups to accelerate the understanding of patent issues. By adding layers of markups to patents, there is now context for patent discussions. Patdek layers the markups right on top of the document image. Now instead of seeing just an explanation, you can track the exact location of the excerpt within a document, for any annotation. Consider what can be learned from the collision of information in different documents.

Explore how Patdek can help you and be sure to reserve your spot for the launch. It's right around the corner.