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A higher level view of snippets

Consider this writing style an experiment. Just like the three slide self-contained blog post from last week. 

The broad idea about a snippet platform:

we link and share ideas, trapped in documents, that people find important

Collaboration is not just about:

  • sending a document

  • viewing a document

  • writing a memo that describes a series of documents

Collaboration is really about the orderly exchange of ideas. The exchange provides a focused understanding that moves people forward in unison. So collaboration around formal documents must enable ideas about those formal documents to be exchanged. To do that, the documents themselves become the vehicle to exchange ideas. The roadmap to move forward in unison is constructed right in the document. What good would a map be if there were a map of roads and then you had to consult separate lists of gas stations and restaurants? The ideas exchanged should be married to each document. With those ideas, those snippets, linked between the different documents having different snippets.

And that's what Patdek does for patent documents. Whatever is important in any patent document, you can create a snippet of it. And you can link that snippet to another one, or share that snippet with anyone else.