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Patdek - leveraging actionable patent-related information

Here's a quick overview of how we intend to add value beyond the typical patent search platform.

PatDek Information Channels

First, we provide discrete sets of PTO documents.  PTO documents would include PTAB trial proceedings, issued patent, published patent applications, OPLA petition decisions in file histories, and PTAB appeal proceedings (BPAI appellate decisions).

Second, we allow a user to upload documents that are distinct from the data set of PTO documents that we have.  The PTO documents and user-uploaded documents are collectively accessible via a single search interface.

Third, we believe that search is merely the first step in your workflow.  A  user should be able to share not only the document of interest, but any insights and analysis with others.  And sharing should not be limited to emailing a downloaded copy of the document.  Why is it necessary to send a copy of the document?  Just point people to the document's location.

We help you to locate and manage patent documents of interest to you.  We make this process easier because we start you off with millions of pages of documents on the Patdek platform.  Any document in this "starter set" can be added to your collection with one click.  You can even upload any other documents that you need to access.  We'll OCR these uploaded documents for you.  You can tag any document (uploaded or pre-existing) for easier grouping and access.  Finally, you will even be able share entire document collections with a tag.

These are some of the features we envision for the Patdek platform.  Contact us if you'd like to learn more before our formal launch.

*All features subject to change prior to formal launch.

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