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PatDek handles newly asserted patent claims

Has this happened in your patent litigation practice before? Discovery is ongoing and you're working on finalizing your invalidity contentions against 20-30 claims from 2 patents with your invalidity expert.  Your case is well-organized, you've refined your invalidity positions, and selected the most relevant disclosures for your 102 and 103 contentions.

Everything is, for the most part, under control.  In litigation though, there's a reason why we expect the unexpected.  Suppose now that the plaintiff-patent owner attempts to seize an advantage and asserts 2 more patents against your client adding another 20 claims into the case.  If you weren't using PatDek, you would scramble a team of associates to extract portions of your existing invalidity contentions/charts and pull together another 50-60 charts against the newly asserted claims.

If you were using PatDek for your case, the solution is much simpler.

Step one - type in each patent number to add the newly asserted patents to your case.

Step two - link your existing concepts to the new claims of interest for each newly asserted patent.

Step three - select the claims and references you want in your charts.

It really was that simple for one of our clients.  In a couple of hours, the client had added in the new patents, linked existing concepts to 20 or so claims, and was generating invalidity charts against those new claims.  The new patent claims were closely related to the other claims in the case so no additional concepts were needed, nor was a re-review of the prior art for new concepts necessary.  If new concepts were required, the concepts could be added, linked to the relevant claim limitations, and a focused review of the prior art could be done looking just for the new concept(s).

PatDek can adapt to changes in your case.  Are you really prepared if you're not using PatDek?