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Claim limitation mapping

feature mapped claim limitation

Here's a snapshot showing how a case-specific database can be configured to track features for claim limitations.  Instead of looking at each claim, the database can be configured to look at specific aspects of a claim.  This allows a review team to extract features from a prior art reference during the analysis phase, and also allows changes to be made for a reference, later when needed, directed to only portions of claim.

This approach may seem non-traditional.  We believe that this approach provides a solid foundation for the case team as the litigation advances from preliminary assessment, through preliminary contentions, onto fact discovery/contentions, and then as it moves to expert discovery and dispositive motions.  The case is continually focused through the use of a database and changes to the data set.  We can help you understand this revised work flow.  Hopefully you'll consider how these different ideas can assist you when preparing your claim.  You can view your evolving understanding of the target claims in different ways - claim limitation mapping is just one alternative.