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Search PTAB Decisions

Patdek maintains a searchable, mirrored repository of all USPTO Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) IPRs, CBMs, and PGR proceedings. This includes all precedential and informative decisions. You can search Board decisions, IPR, CBM and PGR petitions, or locate any other document relevant to a PTAB trial.

So why is Patdek different from any other service offering PTAB documents? Well, unlike the services we've reviewed and you probably use today, every PTAB document is searchable using Patdek. For other services, not every document is text-searchable. Consider what you might be missing. Our analytics indicates that 30% of the PTAB trial documents are not text-searchable. These image-only documents need OCR to be text-searchable. 

Finally, you can put any document, including any PTAB decision, PTAB petition, or PTAB motion or exhibt, into your Patdek Drive. You don't need to download any of these documents anymore. You can share them from within Patdek to anyone.