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For Startups

Do you know what the odds are that a startup will be involved in a patent dispute?

One in five. That’s right, 20% of startups will receive a threat letter, and it will cost a minimum of tens of thousands of dollars to handle. And, just like a speeding ticket, it won’t go away by being ignored.

As a business owner, you are the subject matter expert in your technology niche. Your expertise, along with experienced legal counsel, will address patent issues as they arise.

Patdek can help with this process.  We reduce your patent dispute costs by as much as 30%.  We provide advanced tools to research patents, prior art, etc. You can tag and store relevant documents, markup the documents with your own analysis, and securely share with your team.  Patdek is purpose-built to deal with patent disputes.

Patdek levels the playing field between patent assertion entities and targets like you. Because technology is an equalizer.

Integrate your expertise into the dispute process and legal strategy. With Patdek, you can reduce costs by as much as 30%. Start your trial of Patdek today. And tell your lawyer too.