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Any Patent Document in Seconds



Everything at your fingertips in one place.

Over 14 terabytes - that's 900+ million pages - of file histories, OPLA Petition Decisions, PTAB Trials and Appeals and more. All with OCR and searchable by keyword, patent number, application number, and more.

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Markup & Store

Catalog everything you want.

Save any document you uncover in Patdek's massive archive to your personal collection.

Add documents to your collection that aren't in the archive. Upload them to your private collection and we'll even OCR them for you. 

Markup any document saved to your account with your own insights. 



The real value you provide to clients and colleagues comes from the insights you share. Because your job isn't just to "find" and "store" documents. Patdek has mark-up tools built right in. Annotate comments directly in any document, right from your browser.

Confidentiality is absolutely critical. But PDFs add more email clutter. So Patdek provides you with easy and safe ways to share documents, including annotations. 


Link Through Email

Share documents including all annotations using a link sent through email or chat.

Using Secure Hardware

When it’s precious information you uploaded. FTP is not the answer. Use personal Yubikeys to guarantee who sees the shared information.



Coming Soon

IPR Swap

Share patentability information with the PTO and the world at large.