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How current are the patents and patent publications on Patdek?

We strive to maintain a mirrored relationship between patents and patent publications available on Patdek and these same documents as they are made available at the USPTO. These documents are added to the USPTO site every Tuesday. Depending on the number of documents added by the USPTO in a given week, ingestion times vary, but we generally have the documents processed within 48 hours after the data is made available at the USPTO.


What can I search?

Every patent and patent publication is searchable using Patdek.


How many patents and patent publications do you have in your collection?

We collect every publicly accessible patent and patent publication that is available from the USPTO.


What makes Patdek different from other websites that have patent data and patent publication data?

Patdek uses a timeline representation to show related pre-grant and post-grant documents for any given patent. The timeline provides context to help you better understand the claimed inventions of a patent. A second difference is that you can add any document, such as a patent or publication, that you like to your collection using Patdek Drive. No need to download it. You can even share any document without the need to download it. Third, we are optimized for speed. We strive to provide a response to your query as fast as possible, because sometimes you need that answer on the phone in real-time. We understand that, so we measure system response time in fractions of a second.