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Patent Litigation Solutions

We designed these solutions around patent litigation workflow and patent mapping features. Back in 2002 we were involved with a case having hundreds of claims across 20+ patents. We created a solution for that case. Those ideas evolved to where we are now with the software system which we call Patdek.

For one low monthly cost, you can have access to all features offered by Patdek. Lithosphere Software offers several subscription options or fixed fee arrangements. The baseline subscription is a multi-user license, payable on a month-to-month basis. The subscription price offers you a low cost alternative to generating invalidity contentions over traditional methods. As a second benefit, Patdek provides you with a repository that maintains your invalidity contentions and prior art analysis for use throughout a case.

Feel free to consider and ask questions about the features of the Software-as-a-Service platform summarized below. Additional features will become available in the future and are deployed immediately for your use, with no software updates required on your part.

Patdek Features

From the Case Administration portal, you can configure each of your cases. From the Claim Charts screen, you can generate charts for specific claims and prior art references. The Prior Art Analysis template presents the user with text and citation boxes to enter information for each prior art reference.


Portal to setup and configure each case



Generate charts/reports for claims and references



Uniform template to analyze prior art

More Charts & Reports


The system provides a database that holds information relevant to the targeted patents. Information about the targeted patents is configured using the Case Administration portal. This portal is used to establish  the claim segments that are used to analyze the prior art.

The claim segments are used to link specific passages from the analyzed prior art to the claims to generate Claim Charts and other information relevant to your invalidity contentions.

The prior art information is entered into the system using a self-configured Prior Art Analysis template containing the claim segments established via the Case Administration portal.